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Hopefully I can go to the business convention this weekend…if I have time.
Devin Chung
Devin Chung
Devin Chung.png
Magical Major Sociology
Fashion Ideals I try and keep my style calm, even when I’m in a less-than-favorable mood.
Special Spell I can unlock any door – no paperclip required.
Birthday August 10th
Best Friends Brett Wolfe is always there to help me out.

Devin Chung is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills[]

Devin is known to be a great person – he is understanding, unbiased and wants to keep people safe and comfortable. He’s a very curious person, and because he can unlock any door, he often finds that he’s out looking for things a lot. Sometimes he just can’t help himself but to investigate something!

He is the personal assistant of Quinn Lawson and is a Sociology student. This makes him very good at helping people out with their problems. He is very quick to respond to a task, and is known to type with impressive speed.

Appearance and Style[]

Devin has brown hair, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin.



Devin’s family are more business-orientated, whereas Devin himself is much more about helping individual people.


Devin is quite popular among the students. He works for Quinn Lawson but she treats him more like a friend, and is a good confidant to him.


Devin may catch the attention of many girls on campus, but he is gay and has a boyfriend, Brett Wolfe.


Devin's special spell is that he can unlock any locked door by using this spell:

For this walkway we're not through, open the door so we can do!

Devin Chung