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I need to find the other ouija board in the library. Wherever it is.
Dawn Revell
Dawn Revell
Dawn Revell - Eerie artwork.png
Magical Major Paranormal Study
Fashion Ideals I let the internal darkness inside of me play a part in my style.
Special Spell I can create an aura of mist - which increases dramatic tension.
Birthday February 13th.
Best Friends I'm not particularly social.

Dawn Revell is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Dawn is quite misunderstood - she is calm, collected and mysterious, but often makes people think she is odd. She is eerie, creative and fierce, with a fondness of scary stories. She does not intend to scare people, and wants to help people. She is inspired by the paranormal and believes that ghosts are real. This makes her useful in the knowledge of myths and legends, which always makes a good story in her opinion.

She has odd interests compared to the other students in AU, and enjoys classic scary movies (her favourites are black-and-white monster movies) as well as camping and ouija board.

Appearance and Style[]

Dawn has extremely pale skin, very light blue eyes and shoulder-length platinum blonde hair.



Dawn is mentioned to be an orphan.


Dawn is relatively friendly though also unintentionally scares people. She often avoids social interaction and will only speak to someone if they spoke first.


Dawn does not have many romances as she is quite creepy to most boys.


  • Dawn's name is an odd subject, since she is interested in gothic works, and her name symbolizes light.


Dawn's special spell is that she can create an aura of mist just by reciting this spell:

Misty mornings, foggy nights, create some fuzz so we're alright!

Dawn Revell