I hope I can go to dinner with Ronnie tonight, but there may be an emergency along the way.
Dana Kinder
Dana Kinder
Dana Kinder
Magical Major Nursing
Fashion Ideals I like to keep my fashion clean and fresh, to ensure that people don’t get allergies from the smell.
Special Spell I can heal any little cut, bruise, scrape or occasional vomit stain.
Birthday April 15th
Best Friends I’ve made lots of friends from my medical career.
Dana Kinder is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Dana is a dedicated, helpful and friendly first-aider that is always focused on keeping her patients and friends fit and healthy. She goes about her practice with a caring attitude, a friendly smile and plenty of reassurance, which makes her popular. However, she is kept very busy by this, and rarely has time to spend for leisure, often having to raincheck prior arrangements to heal the injured or sick.

Dana is incredibly talented at nursing, and has an extensive knowledge of band-aids, bandages, creams, pills and vaccinations. She also happens to be fast at running, even in high-heels, to ensure that she gets to a patient on time.

Appearance and StyleEdit

Dana has hazel eyes, pale-to-tan skin and dark brown hair.



Dana’s family are supportive of her career, but would rather she had went to a medical school.


Dana is well-liked across the school for her medical work, and she has gained many friends from patients.


She is in a relationship with Ronnie Hewer


Dana's special spell is that she can heal a cut, bruise or illness by using this spell:

For the illness here today, make the symptoms go away!

Dana Kinder
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