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I'm not a cheerleader, but I sure love to cheer for people anyway!
Clara Merston
Clara Merston
Clara Merston.png
Magical Major Sociology
Fashion Ideals My style is always ready for fun and fast events in the Greek society.
Special Spell I can increase enthusiasm, or as I like to call it 'AU spirit'.
Birthday December 31st.
Best Friends Anyone who's got a friendly attitude.

Clara Merston is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Clara is one of the most motivated and spirited students at AU, which gives her an extremely peppy attitude, which can often brush off as forceful and eccentric. She is a very friendly student who often can forget to respect other people's privacy. However, she always means well, it just means that she wants to know what's going on. Nonetheless, she is a loyal and trusting student.

Her main job at AU is head of the Greek society. She is in charge of the fraternities and sororities, and the way that they work. She is also in charge of running the Greek Games, which is her favourite event at AU. She often likes to reference her sorority Rho Delta Rho, even if she is unbiased when it comes to her motivation duties - most of the time.

Appearance and Style[]

Clara has dark red hair, olive skin and brown eyes.



Clara's family often disliked her motivating spirit.


Clara is well-liked among the student body, and she is always friendly with people.


Her popularity gives her much attention to others, but she isn't really that interested. She just wants to amp up the AU spirit.


  • It was not initially planned for Clara to be in a sorority, but it was added as a recurring joke for her supposedly 'unbiased' motivation.


Clara’s special spell is that she can increase the enthusiasm of anyone, just by reciting this spell:

Enthusiasm, I can't hear it, come on up, increase the spirit!

Clara Merston