It's always a good day for a walk, even in the rain. Perhaps not in a lightning storm though.
Charice Glendale
Charice Glendale
Charice Glendale
Magical Major Environmental Studies
Fashion Ideals I'm always interested in free-flowing fashions that keep me as fresh as a daisy.
Special Spell Using eco-friendly magic I can initiate healthy growth, especially in plants.
Birthday April 22nd.
Best Friends I'm naturally friendly with most people.
Charice Glendale is a minor character in the Absolutely U series.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Charice is known to be a very friendly student in AU, and is dedicated most of all to one thing - environmental awareness. She is passionate about this subject and will usually have a campaign running to help out, including rainforest donation funds and beach clean-ups. This doesn't drastically affect her social image - her kindness makes her a well-liked student, and she does not harbor bad feelings towards those who politely decline participation (unless they are mean about it).

Charice has a useful skill in persuasion - she does not use magic to persuade others, but she always is friendly and supportive, though she isn't too evasive of one's privacy, as she knows this is a hinderance. She also helps out people with many other things, showing that she is dedicated to persevering, which helps out her campaigns massively. 

Appearance and StyleEdit

Charice has dark skin, light brown hair and green eyes. 



Charice is quite distant from her family, who traditionally use less eco-friendly options - this has strained their relationship severely, and Charice is now inspired to help the world.


Charice is a naturally friendly student, and it's normal to see her greeting new students and helping them. Though her constant campaigning may be seen as annoying to some, she is well-liked among the student body.


Charice's real love is her career, and she isn't inclined towards romantic relationships.


  • Charice's birthday (April 22nd) is also the date for the international Earth Day.


Charice's special spell is to initiate growth of an organism by using this spell:

For this life retain a flow, let it thrive and let it grow!

Charice Glendale
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