You may be looking for the 2013 list of characters.

In the second incarnation of Absolutely U. from 2016 onwards, the character roster will be made up of both new characters and existing characters from the 2013 incarnation.

Please note that not all of the 2013 cast have yet been adapted into the 2016 canon, but none of them have been discontinued.

Main fourEdit

Norah CardewEdit

A.U.’s most intelligent academic, Norah is a force of super smarts to be reckoned with. She’s constantly analytical, loves the investigation just as much as the result, and has a knack for both science and magic. However, when it comes to socialisation, she’d rather stay with the people she knows rather than experiment in new crowds.

Marley LeversonEdit

Quick-witted Marley is A.U.’s fastest athlete, and always aims for success, whether it’s her own or for her friends. She likes to crack jokes, run fast in awesome sneakers and beat her high scores on Crush Muffin Trilogy. However, she tends to rush over things and isn’t friends with the concept of taking things slowly.

Sienna MelworthEdit

Shy and reserved Sienna has a passion for journalism - you’ll find her in the corner of the student lounge writing for the newspaper. She can type incredibly fast, and loves to capture other people’s moments. However, she tends to want to stay out of the picture, and finds it hard to raise her voice, often going unheard.

Valeri SewellEdit

Social butterfly Valeri is a master of style, known for her ambitious fashion choices and hairstyles. She’s willing to talk to anyone that needs a conversation, is a self-confessed selfie addict and has a penchant for pranks and match-making. However, don’t get too surprised to see her take on too much at once - she does that a lot.

Recurring castEdit

Alessia GoodallEdit


Aubin SlatteryEdit


Badalia FairhurstEdit


Brooke BartonEdit

As lead manager of The Brew, Brooke is more than familiar with being friendly with her customers. In fact, her customers are almost always her friends, and her best friends are often treated to the best banquets. She’s a firm believer in quality and taking time to perfect every last step of a recipe. Just don’t expect her to cut corners or use a microwave. Ever.

Cecilia MoranoEdit


Dawn RevellEdit


Devin ChungEdit


Gwen BartlettEdit


Holliday HarmanEdit

Friendly drama student Holliday doesn’t have a negative bone in her body. She’s sweet, charismatic and always makes an effort to make friends, taking a chance on the people that nobody else would. However, she’s constantly critical of herself and has low self-esteem, though her friends are there to help her to love herself as much as she loves her friends.

Ingrid TillettEdit


Lance OllisonEdit

Math genius Lance is a master of numbers - give him a sum and he’ll work it out faster than you can say ‘Pythagorean’. Not only that, but he’s also a master of helping his friends study magic - making him a vital part of any #studysquad. However, he often concentrates too much on facts and isn’t willing to go down a more open, interpretive route to learning.

Nicolette MastersEdit


Orienna JeffersonEdit

Orienna was born with a special magical gift - she can view snippets of the future. Not only that, but she’s the daughter of the CEO of a leading magical tech company, making her a perfect test user for new gadgets. Despite all this, she manages to stay grounded, but she is prone to avoiding going into large friendship groups in fear of being used unfairly.

Priya WatsonEdit

Aspiring performer Priya may come across as snobby and a bit self-centred, but make no mistake, she wants to make an effort to socialise and become ‘one of the crowd’. She’s a natural star who loves to be in the spotlight, and is a total triple threat - she can sing, act and dance - but on the social circuit, she still needs to learn to share the spotlight.

Quinn LawsonEdit

Make no mistake - Student Body President Quinn Lawson is serious about running student operations at A.U. She’s notoriously meticulous and can be critical at times, but does care about her fellow students. She’s willing to make friends, but not to get too friendly with them, otherwise she may end up revealing her darkest secrets.

Sonali DugarEdit


Tucker GrayEdit

It’s easy to say that Tucker is the friendliest guy on the AU football team. He always thinks positive even when it seems that there’s no way out, and is open to new ideas. He’s known to always make his friends laugh even after a bad game, but though he’s a pro on the field, he struggles when learning magic, but his friends are eager to help him get better.