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You may be looking for the 2016 list of characters.

From the first incarnation of Absolutely U. in 2013, a total of 34 characters with artwork were produced. 

Lead characters[]

Norah Cardew[]


Norah is the lead character, and is an African-British science prodigy. She is extremely intelligent, and has an interest in science, and experimenting. She is resourceful, insightful and attentive, striving to help her friends out 24/7. Even when her science projects don't go so well, Norah has the right frame of mind and will always aim for the stars.

Marley Leverson[]


Marley is an athletic character who has a mind of steel, as well as an agile lifestyle. She is humorous, quick-witted and always on the move, with an interest in the heptathlon and a lot of strength. No matter where life takes her, Marley never stands still, and is always up on her feet, no matter how relaxed she may be.

Sienna Melworth[]


Sienna is an aspiring journalist with a talent for photography. However, her one weakness is her shyness! She's always in the background, but this sweet daydreamer has her head in the clouds, and is always willing to help a friend out. Sienna is the sweetest girl around, but she knows when she needs to be strong.

Valeri Sewell[]


Valeri is sassy and confident, as well as quite the prankster. She's a fashion designer as well as a total closet princess who has a talent for matching up the perfect ensemble, no matter what's there. Valeri is rebellious, daring and bold with a style that's always changing. With Valeri, nobody ever gets bored!


Badalia Fairhurst[]

Badalia is a writer of prose - she is humbled, timid and often is hesitant to socialise due to anxiety. However, her work is well-liked among the students, and she is always getting new ideas from her experiences.

Brett Wolfe[]

Brett is a hairdresser who is vibrant, fun and enjoys surprises. He enjoys experimenting with hair styling, and is good friends with Valeri Sewell, known to be the man behind her many hairstyles.

Brock Ragan[]

Brock is the quarterback of the football team, and is undoubtedly prejudiced. He has fierce beliefs in the hierarchy of popularity, and has a bias against girls joining his team. However, he has good skills and is otherwise respectable.

Brooke Barton[]

Brooke owns the In2Net Cafe and is a kind Southern belle with a firm belief in quality and kindness. She's always making up new dishes, and loves to cook just to make people happy.

Cassidy Stone[]

Cassidy is a fashion expert, and a fellow designer. On the outside, she may seem sweet, perky and a wonderful friend, but in reality, she's a fierce competitor who aims to crush her opponents. She has her own fashion-forward friends, who always show up in Cassidy's avant-garde designs.

Charice Glendale[]

Charice is a student who is in charge of the environmental council. She is passionate about animals and the world, always taking time to make sure she does the best things. She is also kind to anyone even if they don't make the best choices.

Clara Merston[]

Clara is the head of Greek Council and is in charge of the fraternities and sororities of AU. She is intuitive, insightful and curious to a drastic level. She is quite inquisitive and always wants to help.

Dana Kinder[]

Dana is a student interested in healthcare, and is A.U.'s resident first-aider. She is always at hand to help out with any cuts, bruises, scrapes and occasional vomit trails, and always has a friendly attitude even in times of dire trouble.

Dawn Revell[]

Dawn is a gothic student - she enjoys classic monster movies (especially if they're in black and white), paranormal actvities and spooky stories. She is also very superstitious, carrying around charms and having a wide knowledge of ghosts.

Devin Chung[]

Devin is the personal assistant of Quinn Lawson. He is a helpful person who tries to understand peoples' issues, though often his curiosity can get the better of him.

Dexter Korrick[]

Dexter is an eager journalist and a love interest to Sienna - he is an excellent journalist and is more relaxed and carefree than his employer Gwen. This makes him very good at writing fiction but also non-fiction, and is Gwen's protege.

Erin Hart[]

Erin is a student who is of French-Canadian origin. She is an aspiring artist, and often is commissioned to paint murals (Quinn Lawson herself once asked her to paint her office). She knows lots about France, and visits often. She is fluent in English, though French is her first language.

Gwen Bartlett[]

Gwen is the head of the school newspaper committee. She is imaginitive, eccentric and an opportunist, with an eager mind. She sells newspapers at a stall nearby to the In2Net Cafe.

Harvin Harding[]

Harvin is an extremely intelligent student, and owner of an extremely compact super-computer. He is also a natural pessimist, and is known to refuse socialisation. He is ambitious, sarcastic and dedicated to his work.

Heidi Latham[]

Heidi is a professional photographer, and is extremely picky with her work. She is not very social, but her work is acclaimed all across AU. She is a woman of little words, and prefers to take her time while perfecting a photo.

Helena Corduroy[]

Helena is an eager journalist and a friend to Sienna. She is skilled at picking out useful words, and often uses them to make her writing sound smarter. Helena is quiet but has an interest in finding the perfect ideas so she can speak out.

Ingrid Tillett[]

Ingrid is a fellow athlete with serious standards. She is bitter, callous and fierce, determined to have things her way...even if they aren't hers. She's the secret girlfriend of quarterback Brock Ragan, but also the mastermind behind his schemes.

Lance Ollison[]

Lance is a nerdy and kind character and love interest for Norah. He is an excellent mathematician, and is always there to lend a hand - especially to his friend Tucker and the students of AU.

Madelyn Welch[]

Madelyn is Norah's friend and assistant, of Irish origin. She is most skilled with science, and is extremely introverted, with her main focuses being on assistance and scientific discovery, rather than socialising. 

Nina Tamphery[]

Nina is an eager journalist and a friend to Sienna. She is particularly skilled in the area of formatting, and likes to spruce up an article with borders, pictures and text features. She is smart and resourceful, as well as having a free imagination.

Orienna Jefferson[]

Orienna is from Asian descent, and is known for her wisdom. Her spell is that she can see into the future, which makes her well sought-after by the other AU students. However, she is smart and does not lend herself to others easily.

Priya Watson[]

Priya is a dramatic student who enjoys the fine life, but is also a little selfish and quite boastful. She loves to act, sing and dance, is full of glamour and always aims for a lead role.

Quinn Lawson[]

Quinn is student president of AU and an excellent leader - she's strict but down to earth, always giving someone a chance and helping those in need. She sees a lot of potential in Norah.

Ronnie Hewer[]

Ronnie is a huge fan of comic books, and fantasizes about heroism and adventure. He has a special spell to turn mean people nice, which is extremely useful to repel bullies.

Saffron Corlett[]

Saffron is a store clerk at the Invanda Boutique. She is kind, helpful and knows about picking the perfect outfit. 

Talia Hewett[]

Talia is a school DJ and is featured in most party scenes, at her DJ decks. She is knowledgeable about music, her favourites being dubstep and electro music. 

Tucker Gray[]

Tucker is rebellious, light-headed and sporty, and is full of adventure. He's good friends with Marley and is an excellent athlete, but has a bit of trouble with academics, but he means well.

Verity Helbrook[]

Verity is a 'trend drifter' who does many different activities, but isn't devoted to the activity. Verity is bitter, egotistical but loyal and useful.

Veronica Edison[]

Veronica is a social media expert who is very friendly, chatty and sociable. She is skilled at sending out messages to others, and loves to take selfies with her friends.

Wynona Kent[]

Wynona is a classical musician, and a fierce one. She is ambitious, quick and definitely competitive, with her standards set to the very top. She can also be a very good ally, as if she is against something, she will do anything to stop it.


Charlotte Cardew[]

Charlotte is an older sister to Norah Cardew and a former student. She still retains her magic abilities, and has much faith in Norah. She is in contact with her and AU constantly.

Evan Lawson[]

Evan is an older brother to Quinn Lawson. He is a former student and a current TA - he turned down the president role and lived a much more relaxed life. He becomes a love interest for Valeri Sewell, to which Quinn is not happy about.


Principal Lawson[]

Principal Lawson is the principal of Absolutely University, and is usually heard by voice, but never seen in person. He is full of authority, and is strict, but also sees potential in students.



Clorrowick is an evil sorcerer who has powers of dark magic, and the main antagonist of AU. He has a pet cat named Luciana.