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Don't go wandering into my closet. I don't want finger marks all over my creations.
Cassidy Stone
Cassidy Stone
Cassidy Stone - Powerful artwork.png
Magical Major Textiles and Fashion Design
Fashion Ideals Obviously fashion is a great skill of mine - and I never wear a bad outfit.
Special Spell I can duplicate items, whether it's fabrics, or dresses, or models...
Birthday September 19th.
Best Friends Friends, clients, fans...there's really no difference..

Cassidy Stone is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Cassidy puts up a front to look sweet, perky and kind, which makes her much admired amongst the student body of AU. However, she is in reality a lot different - calculating, self-absorbed and acid-tongued, with a fierce demeanor, especially towards possible 'competition' such as Valeri Sewell.  She is creatively inspired, but also quite snobby due to her popularity and success in fashion. She regularly uses magic to her advantage during fashion shows (which is usually forbidden).

Cassidy is undoubtedly talented, and has an eye for avant-garde, top-range fashion that goes beyond the boundaries. She is also excellent with sewing, illustration and fashion-hunting, making her an all-around fashion guru. 

Appearance and Style[]

Cassidy has platinum blonde hair, brown eyes and pale skin.



As far as we know, Cassidy's family are unaware of her true nature.


Cassidy is very popular amongst the students, but her main friends (who also act as her models) are Cecilia Morano, Alessia Goodall and Sonali Dugar

She is rivals with Valeri Sewell.


Cassidy favors career over romance, but is admired by many of the students romantically.



Cassidy can duplicate anything that she likes, including herself, by reciting this spell:

One is good but two is more, duplicate and fill the store!

Cassidy Stone