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Brooke Barton is a student at Absolutely University.

Official profile description[]

As lead manager of The Brew, Brooke is more than familiar with being friendly with her customers. In fact, her customers are almost always her friends, and her best friends are often treated to the best banquets. She’s a firm believer in quality and taking time to perfect every last step of a recipe. Just don’t expect her to cut corners or use a microwave. Ever.

Personality and Skills[]

Brooke is a Southern girl at heart; she is kind, friendly and always wants the best for her friends. She is sociable - often making friends with most of her customers - consistently welcoming to any new customers or friends. She makes a good confidant (when she isn't incredibly busy) as she's a good listener, and is also decisive and resourceful. However, she is a fierce perfectionist who refuses to cut corners. This all comes from a good place, as she believes that quality is the most important thing, and taking care when making food is vital for it tasting nice. She also has a vigilant disdain for microwave meals.

Brooke is the lead manager of The Brew, meaning she has several skills that help her in running the cafe. One of those is of course her sublime cooking skills - she is especially skilled in desserts, but can cook a wide range of foods perfectly. She also has a photographic memory, helping her absorb recipes better, as well as a quick receptivity to orders, meaning she rarely gets an order wrong. She also has impressive patience, as she maintains a belief that quality is more important than a fast-food attitude.

Appearance and Style[]

Brooke has pale pink-toned skin, red hair and green eyes. Most often, she ties her hair back (as she's in a cooking environment) and is rarely seen without her apron.



Brooke's family has a long history of being involved in the culinary industry; though they are not linked to the magical world directly, Brooke's grandmother was a cook during relief efforts for the Mondliore Strike, a dark magical attack, and is Brooke's primary inspiration. Brooke also has a little sister named Nancy.


Brooke is a very social student as she interacts with many of the students that come to The Brew. This means that more often than not, the people she serves are as much friends as they are customers. However, Brooke does have a circle of friends that she is closer to.

One of her good friends is her colleague at The Brew, Aubin Slattery. They both share a passion for making great food, though their approaches are slightly different this doesn't stop them from being good friends, confidants and often taste testers for each-others recipes.

Within her friendship circle is Valeri Sewell, who was instantly enamoured by The Brew's creme brulee cheesecake, as well as the friendly face behind it. She introduced Brooke to her roommates Marley Leverson, Sienna Melworth and later Norah Cardew - all of which have become frequent fixtures to Brooke's holiday banquets.


Brooke isn't currently on the lookout for romance - her perspective is that when the time is right, she'll start looking, but right now the time isn't right, since she wants to focus on making the cafe as good as possible.


Brooke made her first appearance in The First Day at Absolutely U. albeit in a silent cameo appearance. Here are all the episodes she has appeared in:


Brooke Barton (2016)
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