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Brooke wears a creamy pink blouse which has cut-off sleeves, and is covered in white polka dots. With this, she also wears a skirt down to her knees in the same pink with white polka dots. She wears a pale pink apron which has a strap around the neck, a wrap-around top and a split skirt area. The apron is tied around her waist with a dark pink belt which is adorned with a pink bow. She wears gloves on her hands which are pink and frill at the wrist area, as well as a pair of pink shoes which have ankle straps, high heels and a zipper at the front.

Brooke wears light pink eye make-up and pink lipstick. Her hair flows down naturally in waves. She is seen carrying an 'O-Chillz'.


Brooke wears a bright pink headband, and a gold necklace with pink detailing. She wears a light pink blouse with a pink string belt with a bow. Her skirt is bright pink with light cream square patterning, and she wears white leggings. Her shoes are also a light pink.

She wears light pink eye make-up and bright pink lipstick. Her hair is wavy, shorter and now comes in front of her shoulders.

Brooke Barton