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You may be looking for the 2016 version of this character.

You can't rush delicious. Unless it's magically enhanced delicious.

Brooke Barton (2013)
Magical Major Cookery
Fashion Ideals I'm a country girl at heart, so that's inevitable - but I'll always be in an apron, even when I don't cook!
Special Spell I can improve the taste of an item. Wouldn't want to eat something that won't taste good, now would we?
Birthday May 14th
Best Friends All customers are friends to me, and they all get good respect from me if I get it back.

Brooke Barton (2013)
Brooke Barton 2.0.png
Magical Major Cookery
Fashion Ideals I’m adding some more fashionable flair to my looks, but I’m also still got some Southern inspiration in there for good measure.
Special Spell That taste spell is making the food I eat taste a lot nicer – though I never need to use it on ‘’my’’ creations.
Birthday May 14th
Best Friends Returning customers that pay respect are still my friends, and I hope the new students will too.

Brooke Barton is a recurring character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Brooke is a welcoming, kind and honest student with a sweetness to her that can be recognised all around. She's resourceful, decisive and a good listener, no wonder she's never gotten an order wrong! She is wise, thoughtful and has a firm belief that the most important ingredient is love and quality.

She is extremely skilled in cooking, and is widely known for her In2Net Cafe where she hosts computers and fine snacks and drinks. She seems to be good at business control because the In2Net Cafe is very popular and earns her a lot of respect. She has a skill particularly at desserts, including cupcakes. She disagrees with cheating and thinks that it is disrespectful to compromise quality for cheapness. Brooke has a warm heart and a lot of guts, with a faith in her good work.

Appearance and Style[]

Brooke has light copper tone hair, green eyes and pale skin. She is most commonly seen wearing girly and casual fashions such as skirts and flowing tops. She also wears gloves and is usually seen in an apron even when not cooking.


Family Brooke comes from a long line of chefs - her father and her mother were both chefs, as was her grandmother and great uncle. Brooke has a little sister named Nancy.


Brooke is very favoured around school and is very good friends with everyone. She is particularly good friends with Norah Cardew, Marley Leverson, Sienna Melworth and Valeri Sewell.


Brooke does not have a love interest so far.


  • Originally, her skin tone was lighter but it made her look quite ghostly so Breanna changed it and made it darker.


Brooke's special spell is that she can make a horrible tasting food taste delicious just by reciting this:

Sickly taste to sweet and delish, make the taste favourable just as I wish!

Brooke Barton