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Finding the best players for my team isn't such an easy thing to do.
Brock Ragan
Brock Ragan
Brock Ragan.png
Magical Major American Football
Fashion Ideals I'm ready for the next game with my football jersey and letterman jacket to show AU spirit.
Special Spell I can throw things further than normal - but never during an actual game.
Birthday November 9th.
Best Friends I'm already a popular student, but my teammates are pretty awesome.

Brock Ragan is a minor character in the Absolutely U franchise.

Personality and Skills[]

Brock is the typical jock figure - egotistical and tough. He is very self-centred and biased, with a firm belief that only popular kids should be at the top. He is also misogynistic, and has a significant hatred towards girls being in his teams and social cliques, with the exception of his girlfriend Ingrid and eventually Marley Leverson

He is the quarterback of the football team, and despite his nature is respected for this. He has significant skill, and is opposed to cheating. 

Appearance and Style[]

Brock has light blond hair, tanned skin and brown eyes. He is bulky but also relatively slender.



His family have had a dynasty of one of the men from each generation being the quarterback.


Brock's main circle of friends include fellow players Corbin Tedder, Duane Wiskins and Arden Howen. He is also relatively popular around school. Tucker Gray is neutral to him, but in reality, Tucker cannot stand Brock.

He initially did not like Marley Leverson due to her rebellious nature (but he eventually becomes friends with her), though this is only due to his misogynism. However, he makes an exception for Ingrid Tillett, his girlfriend.


Brock is crushed on my many girls, but he rejects them. He is dating Ingrid Tillett, who is much like Brock.


Brock's special spell is that he can throw things at longer distances, just by reciting this spell:

Throw it long in a fling, throw it better, that's the thing!

Brock Ragan