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Word of warning - there may be such thing as being too creative.
Brett Wolfe
Brett Wolfe
Brett Wolfe.png
Magical Major Hairdressing
Fashion Ideals My style is always bright, creative and ready to make a great impression.
Special Spell When someone says ‘surprise me’, I can brew up a completely random hairstyle. Call it a randomizer.
Birthday May 5th
Best Friends Valeri Sewell and Devin Chung.

Brett Wolfe is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills[]

Brett is a lively, creative and enthusiastic person by nature. He is full of spirit, and loves to make as many friends as he can. He’s skilled at giving out advice, though it isn’t always the best advice – regardless, he has the best intentions for his friends. He is massively talkative, and often doesn’t know when to stop.

Brett is skilled at hairdressing, and is the guy behind many of Valeri Sewell’s hairstyles. He is known for having a lot of creativity, though sometimes he lets it go too far – his ideas can be bizarre, but at the end of the day, they’re usually good ideas.

Appearance and Style[]

Brett has blue eyes, slightly tanned skin and brown hair that is streaked with deep pink at the front.



Brett comes from a family that are also skilled at hairdressing, this is where his talent came from and was developed from a young age.


Brett is well-liked among the student body, and his friends are also clients. One of his best friends is Valeri Sewell, as they share a love for style and creativity. They often watch movies together in each-other’s dorms, and go out for sing-alongs of musicals.


Brett is gay and has a boyfriend, Devin Chung.


  • Brett's colour scheme was inspired by the original paint of the roller-coaster Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain. This was incorporated because Breanna is a huge roller coaster fan.


Brett's special spell is that he can randomize a hairstyle (or whatever he chooses) by using this spell:

Having a choice can get things done, but making it random’s much more fun!

Brett Wolfe