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Before the Beginning
Vital statistics
Author Breanna Burton
Illustrator Breanna Burton (cover art)
Published on Thursday 21st May
Published by Online release
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Before the Beginning is an Absolutely U. Short Cut released on Thursday 21st May. It takes place before the main canon begins.



While the principal is gone, his daughter Quinn decides to explore the upper levels of the offices, and finds that there is grave danger to be found behind the doors of the Authority Offices.

Full synopsis[]

Warning - this contains spoilers for Before the Beginning.

While the Principal of Absolutely University is absent from AU, Quinn Lawson notices a passing malignite in her office, and going through a door to a private study - despite warnings of the room being off-limits, she sneaks in, runs up the stairs and into the study. This study is the communication portal between AU and dark sorcerer Clorrowick. She notices a screen, where the dark sorcerer appears.

They share a conversation, as he teases her, Quinn reminds him to be honest, referring to a childhood promise. Clorrowick keeps his word and warns her about his plan to invade AU, after a previous attempt fails. He reminds her that there is nobody in AU powerful enough to stop dark magic, but Quinn affirms that there is someone, and they will find them. After this, he warns her about the future events that will occur.

Quinn is shocked by this, and calls Orienna Jefferson up to her office, explaining that she needs her to look into the future to find the identity of this 'powerful one'. Soon, Orienna finds the person, telling Quinn about their skill and potential - and that her name is Norah Cardew.

Spoilers end here.


In order of appearance

  1. Quinn Lawson
  2. A malignite
  3. Clorrowick
  4. Orienna Jefferson


  1. Dawn Revell
  2. Principal Lawson 
  3. Norah Cardew


  • This is the first in-universe mention of dark magic.
  • It also shows how magic works in AU - the person will say the incantation and beams of a magical aura will assist with the spell.
  • This is notable for adding many different dimensions to Quinn's character, including her fear of becoming evil, and also hints to her taking sleeping pills to be able to sleep at night without fearing dark magic.