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If I seem to ignore you, don’t take offense – I’m either very busy or it’s my anxiety playing up.
Badalia Fairhurst
Badalia Fairhurst
Badalia Fairhurst.png
Magical Major Creative Writing
Fashion Ideals I wouldn’t want to upstage my writing, but my fashion is very much worthy of a look.
Special Spell I am very wary of literary interception, so my whispering spell is very useful.
Birthday December 16th
Best Friends Anyone with a heart of goodness is welcome to talk to me.

Badalia Fairhurst is a minor character in the Absolutely U. series.

Personality and Skills[]

Badalia is a good-hearted person, but is often hesitant to socialise as she is wary of other people. She is genuine, humble and quite calm, despite the fact she has social anxiety. To good people she is nice enough, perhaps timid but never in a spiteful manner. She is soft-spoken with a light hint of a Received Pronunciation accent.

Badalia’s talent is creative writing, primarily prose, and her work is acclaimed across AU. However, this has not gotten to her head, and she is still very humble. Badalia prefers privacy when she is writing, as she does not want to risk people stealing her work – this is when her whisper spell comes in handy.

Appearance and Style[]

Badalia has auburn hair, dark skin and blue eyes.



Badalia’s family are often a subject of her work, and they are happy enough to be a part of it.


Badalia’s work is well-enjoyed by the students, and this makes her quite popular. However, she is humble and prefers the company of just a few good people.


Badalia is not in a rush to date, and is willing to wait as long as it takes to find the right man.


  • Badalia’s birthday is also the birthday of author Jane Austen.


Badalia's special spell is that she can reduce her voice to a whisper by using this spell:

Whisper, whisper, dim with fear, turn it down for less to hear!

Badalia Fairhurst