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Absolutely University is a fictional university located in Gillvyne, a fictional suburb of New York, in which the franchise takes place in. It is described as elite, magical and very, very secretive.

To the outside world[]

To the outside world, Absolutely University is unheard of, besides from rumours floating around, and students being accepted. In fact, the school is protected from the outside world with an invisibility cloak. The school can be accessed (only by AU staff, students and others involved with the school) through a manhole, in which the person can jump into, and ride a cart up to the school. The manhole is also invisible to those not involved with AU. 

On campus[]

The school itself is a huge university, amassing a small number of magical students (primarily from North America) to study magic.

The school motto is Contendunt discere, studeant emendare (A rough Latin translation for Strive to learn, strive to improve) which according to the school means that if a student learns enough, they can make the world better. 



The classes are picked to the students' individual talents. For example, a student like Valeri Sewell would take subjects like textiles, fashion design and art. The main mandatory class for student is spell class - every student is put into a spell class based upon their skills and prediction levels. The school has facilities for the disabled and specialised teachers to help those with problems in learning or conditions.


There are a range of extra curricular activities, including various clubs and groups that share common interests, as well as extension classes (especially for spell classes) to improve on magic. Students may also take up working courses as an activity. For example, Brooke Barton owns the In2Net Cafe in Leicester Village as part of her cookery and business classes. 


School of Magic[]

This is the most famous school which studies all kinds of good magic, including spells, elixirs, elemental study and awareness of dark magic. It is the school in which all students will be part of, though they will also be part of other schools.

School of Art and Performance[]

This area covers many different arts including artistry, music, drama and fashion design which includes a textiles course.

School of Science[]

This area covers many sciences and practicals including chemistry, biology, physics, botany, astronomy and animal study, and has an extensive course in engineering.

School of Media and Computing[]

This area covers much of media and film studies, as well as ICT, language classes and journalism.

School of Economics[]

This area studies lessons such as cookery, business studies, geography and history.

School of Sports[]

This area studies all sporting activities as well as theory and knowledge about sports.

Other locations[]

Fraternity Row and Sorority Row[]

On each side of AU there is a row of dorm houses for the fraternities and sororities of AU. As it is a boarding school, students sleep in their dorm rooms. Each dorm is fit for at least four students (though more could fit in) and is organised at the student's wish. On 'school nights' there is a dorm curfew of ten, while on weekends it is generally regarded that students be back by midnight. The dorm mates are organised in fraternity and sorority organisation though there are cases where requests are taken for movement and prior organisation.

Harrow Library[]

Located around the back of the building, the library is one of the many places that students can read books to revise for their classes, or maybe just for fun. It contains a wide range of books, both fiction and non-fiction, and tall shelves. There are stairs outside the library that lead downwards into presumed catacombs - it is unknown what lies here, but it is possible that this will become crucial to an episode.

Leicester Village[]

In between the buildings, Leicester Village is where the shops and cafes are located. It's quite a muddled but simple organisation, with shops on the outside (with tables in front of them for outdoor seating), and a fountain in the centre. The village is where many shops, cafes and other features are held for students of AU. It is a private portion where students can meet, eat and shop together. Locations include the Periwinkle Bookstore, the official Student Store (where students can stock up on pens, notebooks, etc), Pets on Campus (a pet store), the Invanda Boutique and the In2Net Cafe- owned by Brooke Barton

Perrier Gardens[]

Perrier Gardens is a green where students can sit down on the grass and study in the fresh air and tranquility. It has a fountain and trees, and is reserved also for the AU students.

Tenatrick Tower[]

The tallest structure of AU. Here is where the main heads behind AU reside - nearer to the bottom is the office of Quinn Lawson, and the top floor is reserved for the Principal. The tower is a glass-like structure with various indents and curves. It leads up to a hexagonal shaped 'AU' crest shape, and the steeple at the top points straight to the sources of magic.

Maverick Station[]

The station is where students can go to the outside world to visit people on weekends. It is, however, against school policy to go on weekdays unless it is semester break. It allows access to the carts that lead back to Gillvyne as well as other locations.



In AU there is a campus currency - the arbit, which can be separated into 100 cents an arbit. Every student gains a large amount of arbits at induction, and have a weekly allowance for getting food and for recreational purposes. Additional arbits can be gained from student credit, which is often for good academic achievements, outstanding extra-curricular dedication or other significant achievements.

School events[]

There are many school events that go on after class. As Student Body President, Quinn Lawson can organise and approve of events around the school ground, including fashion shows, musicals, sporting events, and et cetera. ROMPs (Radical Original Magical Parties) are held as the equivalent to school proms. There is even a ROMP committee that organizes the event.

Greek society[]

Clara Merston in charge of greek society in school, including fraternities and sororities around campus. There are several different groups which are based upon actual fraternities and sororities, and they often participate in sporting events. The groups are named with greek letters, hence the name 'greek society'.

Rules of school[]

  1. Do not reveal your magic in the outside world. 
  2. Do not bully other students. 
  3. Back in dorm rooms by ten. (on nights before studies)
  4. Do not abuse your magic.
  5. Attend all lessons, even if you don't want to. You will always learn.



Name Roles
Gwen Bartlett Head of school newspaper
Brooke Barton Owner of In2Net Cafe
Norah Cardew
Devin Chung P.A to Quinn Lawson
Helena Corduroy
Saffron Corlett
Badalia Fairhurst
Charice Glendale Head of environmental council
Tucker Gray
Harvin Harding
Erin Hart
Verity Helbrook
Ronnie Hewer
Talia Hewett
Arden Howen
Orienna Jefferson
Wynona Kent
Dana Kinder
Dexter Korrick Vice head of school newspaper
Heidi Latham
Quinn Lawson Student body president
Emilia Laurent
Marley Leverson
Xavier Lynch
Sienna Melworth
Clara Merston Head of greek council

Lance Ollison

Nelson Pierce
Brock Ragan Quarterback of football team
Dawn Revell
Valeri Sewell
Cassidy Stone
Nina Tamphery
Corbin Tedder
Ingrid Tillett

Priya Watson

Madelyn Welch
Duane Wiskins
Brett Wolfe


Charlotte Cardew
Evan Lawson


  • The university layout was inspired by many other universities, which Breanna studied to make up the school's basis.