Absolutely U Wiki

Absolutely U Wiki is intended to be a place where people can learn about the world of AU. We think that all users should feel welcomed and have a good experience, but problems get in the way of this. These rules have been applied to the wiki so that everyone has a good experience on the wiki. It is of high importance that ALL of our users read it, as it will guide users to what's acceptable on the wiki.

If you do break a rule, expect us to notify you about it with an informal warning. Trust us, we do not wish to make you feel uncomfortable, so first-time problems will not be as severely handled as recurring problems. If you break rules multiple times (and have had a warning) then expect a ban to be put in place. We do not wish to be a pain, but we are trying to make the wiki safe. Don't be scared of us. We're nice if you are.

Our general rules[]

  1. Follow our rules at all times. If there is a problem with a rule, then please don't hesitate to ask Thenaturals about it.
  2. Editing on the wiki should be helpful and to improve. This means that if you are simply going around for badges, then it is not acceptable.
  3. Do not vandalise, whether it's in articles, blogs, templates, comments, or anything on the wiki. 
  4. This wiki is based upon the official Absolutely U canon created by Breanna Burton. Therefore we do not permit fandom articles. For more information on our stance on fandom, visit Absolutely U Wiki:Canon and fanon
  5. If someone else is using your account in an unacceptable way, you have to explain to us about it. We're not psychic (the only psychic in AU is Orienna Jefferson) and if we ban your account, please don't take it out on us. If so, change your password so that person doesn't do it anymore. 
  6. If you are using Wikia as an anon, we recommend you create an account. We have no rule to say you can't be an anonymous user, but it's much easier to recognise you if you have an account.


  1. We strongly recommend you use the 'Preview' button. It's cute, helpful and it shows you what a user would see on the page. 
  2. Please use proper grammar and try to use correct spelling when editing pages. Also, unnecessary bolding, italics and underline really don't help the format of a page.
  3. Before you make the page, check that there's not already a page for it. Duplicate pages will only be deleted unless they do serve a separate purpose.
  4. Some data simply isn't needed. This includes multiple images from the same scenes, random statistics that don't add any value to the article, and so on and so forth.
  5. Badge hunting is not allowed on the wiki.


  1. Don't know it, don't touch it.
  2. Adding unnecessary categories complicates the wiki. Stick to already-established categories - for example, the article for Norah Cardew contains 'Girls' as a category, therefore there's no reason to add 'Female' as well. 

Template use[]

  1. Don't know it, don't touch it.
  2. Only put it on if it is totally necessary. If you're not sure, ask AU authority.

Comments and Blogs[]

  1. We do not allow hate comments or blogs on the wiki. Whether it's to characters, episodes, or the franchise directly.
  2. Comments should be relevant to the article. E.g. a positive comment about Marley Leverson should be on her page and not on a page about Priya Watson or Tucker Gray. Comments on quotes should be relevant to their character or episode.
  3. Threats and profanity...well, it's basic. We don't allow it on the wiki. If you make a comment or blog featuring threats, swears and other hurtful things, expect a warning. The worse the comment, the more the punishment.
  4. We feel that all content should be safe for all communities. Comments and blogs that could be interpreted as racist, homophobic, sexist, etc are likely to offend people, so we don't allow it.
  5. Images should be relevant to the comment or blog and should not contain anything offensive, hurtful or just plain rude (whether it's relevant to your comment or not).
  6. Before you ask questions, look at the article first. You may find an answer. If you don't, then ask.
  7. Fan articles are usually permitted on blogs, but for a more detailed look on it, please read Absolutely U Wiki:Canon and fanon.