Absolutely U. is just like any other university, only with a huge difference. They, just like any other students, get to study the subjects that they're passionate about, but they can also study the ways of magic (yes, it's a real thing). We're just as surprised as you are. But real magic isn't what you think. There's no wizards, goblins, cauldrons, toil or trouble at AU - in fact, our students are just like you, only they've got some epic magical abilities, which they are trained to use for the greater good. Each student has something about them that defines their magic, making their magic extra powerful.

Not only are AU students masters in being themselves, their motivation, confidence and passion make them masters in being undeniable. Oh, and their fabulous fashions also help. When they're not studying for their courses, you can find them hanging out at the student lounge, getting a snack at The Brew or just chilling out in their dorms. But little do they know - there's a real threat lurking in the magical world, not far from the students' new home at AU.

But AU has a plan. The university has admitted a new student, science prodigy Norah Cardew, with the knowledge that she's destined for amazing things. Norah and her three best friends are going to make the most of their time at AU; learning the ways of magic, making new friends and creating memories - and perhaps they're exactly what the magical world needs.


Meet one of the many unique AU students here:

Holliday Harman

Friendly drama student Holliday doesn’t have a negative bone in her body. She’s sweet, charismatic and always makes an effort to make friends, taking a chance on the people that nobody else would. However, she’s constantly critical of herself and has low self-esteem, though her friends are there to help her to love herself as much as she loves her friends.

Meet more new students at this page.


  • Enrollment has begun, and we're currently in the process of adding the 2016 students to the wiki.
  • Lance, Brooke, Tucker and Orienna are all back at AU. Check out their pages now.
  • New student Holliday Harman has just arrived at AU. Take a look at her page, and look out for more new characters coming in the next few weeks.
  • The story of AU is bigger than you think. Get the details in the next few weeks.
  • The first day at AU just got that extra bit tougher - Norah meets her new roommates in the latest episode, Roomies. Check it out now.

AU has some rules that you need to follow. It's on a need-to-know basis - and all students need to know it. Read up on the wiki rules here.



The current season of the episode series is The Beginning.

The latest episode of the series is Roomies which was released on August 7th 2016.


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