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Lots of different vocabulary is used in the universe of the Absolutely U franchise, and specifically Absolutely University. It is usually simple words (usually adjectives and descriptive terms) that are inserted into regular speech.

  • Abracadazzle: Make something better with magic
  • Awkwish: Just a little awkward, but enough that you can tell.
  • Coolixious: Cool to the maximum
  • Exceptionist: A 'nice' hypocrite
  • Fabrageous: Outrageous, but a good kind of outrageous.
  • Fabulite: A fabulous person
  • Flicked out: irritated
  • On the needle: on point, to perfection
  • Philharmaniac: A musician who practices insanely.
  • Undenial: undeniable
  • Wowzie: A period of time when someone goes crazy with excitement (like a sugar high)

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