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The Absolutely U. episode series began on August 1st.


The prospect of episodes was an idea promised in the 2013 canon of Absolutely U., but this never came to fruition. However, upon rebooting the franchise, series creator Breanna Burton finally decided to write episode scripts for the 2016 canon. Though these episodes would never be voiced or animated, they would at least be a long-needed narrative form.


The Beginning[]

The first three episodes of the series are marked under a separate pilot season named The Beginning. These three episodes follow a continuous story depicting Norah Cardew's first day at Absolutely University

The first of these episodes, The First Day at Absolutely U., was released on August 1st, with the remaining episodes released in the week after.

  1. The First Day at Absolutely U. - released on Monday August 1st
  2. Roomies - released on Sunday August 7th
  3. To be announced