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Group Shot 2015.png
Four of the seven characters from the line - from left, Valeri Sewell, Norah Cardew, Sienna Melworth and Marley Leverson
Release March 1st, 2015
Frequency Individual line
Characters introduced None

The 2.0 line is the second fashion line in the Absolutely U. franchise.


The 2.0 line is based upon the new year at Absolutely University, in which several of the students choose eye-catching new year fashions. In the context of the series, Valeri Sewell designed the outfits for herself, her roommates Norah, Marley and Sienna, as well as sending an outfit to Brooke Barton and Quinn Lawson. Later, Priya Watson hopped onto the trend with a new outfit also.


The introduction of the line was based around the Be Undeniable campaign rather than separate promotion for the line. The campaign included characters from the 2.0 line, as well as several new Signature characters.


The characters in this line are all releases of existing characters in new outfits.